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With a warm environment and an excellent service, at restaurant Chez An, we invite you to share with us all the delicious Asian food that we offer to make happy all our customers. We work every day in order to make them feel at home, offering an excellent service and, of course, the best meals prepared by the experts. From our delicious shrimp specialties all of them served with daily soup and imperial roll, rice or vermicelli or crispy noodles, coffee and dessert, to our hosomakis, makis, futomakis and more. You must have to check our all wide menu. Order now online or by phone, ask for free delivery service or come at 1273 Ontario Est for pick up.

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Sunday: - Closed
Monday: 16:30 - 20:30
Tuesday: 16:30 - 20:30
Wednesday: 16:30 - 20:30
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